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Audit automatique

What makes us different to other Time Monitoring tools?

Today, for mid to large sized companies to accurately know how much time they have invested in any Integration project, Development Project or even Billable Hours, employees need to manually fill out time sheets or management need to estimate. We are the only company who can give you this data to the minute completely automatically, additionally we can tell you how productive your company is without infringing on the privacy of your employees. This Data is crucial for sustainable growth, planning, cost and price forecasting. Time is the companies most expensive and valuable asset and Before AUTOMATIC AUDIT there was no way to count it. Please feel free to sign up for a demo.

Is Automaticaudit meant only for huge organizations?

AutomaticAudit has been designed like building blocks. Each piece is strong. We can install several endpoints up to several thousand.

How does AutomaticAudit work?

TimeAudit can track user actions in a way that will categorise what they do in order to be able to count those sessions up in the future. TeamAudit can track user actions themselves without giving all the users private information to his manager, there is a certain amount shown but managers will not be able to deduct anything from the private lives of the employee, we can even mask the employees identity if need be.

The Artificial intelligence comes to play in the automatic categorisation of user sessions.

How can I request a demo?

You can schedule a demo here.

Can it help my organisation be more productive?

Productivity optimisation is the heart and soul of TeamAudit. Our Productivity Formulae uses the latest AI technology to assess efficiency by measuring a huge amount of data. Please feel free to book a demo to see more.

Can AutomaticAudit monitor computer health?

Of course, we collect computer metrics to let you know when it will be cheaper to switch out old computers.

How can I find out more about AutomaticAudit?

Feel free to have a read through our blog

What About user Privacy?

We have kept user Privacy in mind since the day we wrote the first line of Team Audit code. We can differentiate between Profesional and time off automatically without having to disclose private and sensitive information. Only buisness relevant data is shown.

Who is AutomaticAudit used by?

Team Audit is used by managers and Directors in order to streamline the productivity of their organisations.

How is the Data physically collected?

We install an agent on each computer and servers, this agent is so slim that computers don’t feel them, and they won’t affect the computers performance.

Do my employees know?

Our Agent are hidden however you are welcome to tell your employees that this is being done, and after they understand that their privacy is not infringed upon, they will be happy with the process. The choice is yours.

Should my Employees know?

This all depends on the kind of organisation and use case, we would be happy to discuss the pros and cons with you, please contact us

Does the data have to be sent back to AutomaticAudits servers?

Not at all! AutomaticAudit is deployed on a cloud solution of your choice or on Premise on your existing servers or on new servers. It’s completely up to you.

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